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You’re trapped on a deserted island with the main character from the last movie or TV program you last watched. How do you survive and/or escape?

I’m trapped with Claus Michaelson, the lead vampire from the Original. I think I just became a blood bag.

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You have been kidnapped. The characters from the last TV show or movie you watched are coming to rescue you. Who are they?

Lucifer from the show with the same name is rescuing me. That’s what they call from the frying pan to the fire. Yikes!!

What about you?

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Are we playing following the leader or Simon Says?

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bazarre world

I can always tell when I haven’t taken my medication.

A voice in my head whispers, “If you can hear me, you haven’t taken your meds today.”


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Has she put out the bird seed yet?

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Scene in which Ambrose a vampire like creature is sitting on a roof while Madison who has slipped is hanging on the edge. He’s asked to help, but she tells him she doesn’t need his help. —-

I clung to the shingles on the roof’s edge. My hands slipped and I lost my hold.

Time paused and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

I fell backwards. Ambrose’s face moved further away. My arms were flailing, my hands reaching for him. The pounding of my heart filled my ears.

The cold night air pushed past me. as my head tipped further back, I could see the inked night above me. The stars. There were so many for being in the city. I could see my hair in front of me. Would this kill me or merely main me?

My heart pounded.  The north star? I found myself searching for it. My heart beat. Funny I was falling and looking for a star.

Time caught up to me and I slammed to a stop.

I felt no pain. Had I hit the pavement so hard I felt nothing? My heart beat, I was alive.

Ambrose’s face hovered above mine.

He smiled. “I guess you needed me after all.”

He’d caught me.

My arms and legs began to flail again. But instead of reaching for him, I was pushing him away.

Arrogant Bastard.

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people windy picnic

Every morning my obnoxious alarm goes off. Blinded by daylight, I slap it a couple of times and stumble to the kitchen. I stand in front of the open refrigerator door, drink milk straight from the carton, and grab a hard boiled egg.

I love cold hard boiled eggs so I make them on Sunday afternoon and put them in a container ready for the week. It adds to my mindless routine. I love mindless in the morning.

But one day it was different. Saturday morning, my siblings decided to get together. Early. Really early. They know I don’t do early, especially not on Saturday. Early Saturday in Deidra time means I’ll be 2 hours late. Whatever time you set.

To help me with this, they decided to meet at my house and for my convenience, they let themselves in. They’re really thoughtful that way.

An issue arose during the early morning gathering which has forced me to issue the following warning.

To the person who replaced my boiled egg with a frozen egg,

I’m narrowing the suspect pool. The noose is tightening. Feel my breath on the back of your neck as I close in. In the words of the immortal wicked witch of Oz.

“I will get you and your little dog too.”

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