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I was having dinner with my sister the other night which made me stop and reflect over ten years of technological advancement.

Ten years ago my sister called telling me her mouse didn’t work.

When I said, “Make sure it’s plugged all the way in the back of the computer.”

She said, “Does it have to be plugged in?”

Today that’s bordering on a valid question.

When my sister learned of the internet, she thought there were only five websites Walmart, a grocery store, an auction place, AOL, and some kind of family tree thing.

Last week she said, “I don’t know what twitter and blog (yes, she said just blog) are, but they’re getting on your Facebook somehow.”

I wanted to tell her it was the Facebook Fairy, but I already plucked his wings off. (See previous post)

My sister finally dumped her ten year old computer and left dial up behind. What’s next? Cable?


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Recently, when I was having one of my meltdowns a male, who shall remain nameless, shoved my head in his armpit.

I, of course, began whaling him. Not that it did me much good. I’m 5’2″ and he’s 6’2″.

I asked or maybe screamed a little, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “Calming you down. Male musk has a calming affect on females.”

“Do I look calm?”

“If you would just let biology work.”

“I’m going to let anatomy work if you ever do that again.”

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I’ve released a new blog

My Traveling Panties & Other Stories of Champagne & Cheese Whiz

Available on Amazon for the Kindle

Here’s the promo video


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