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A friend of mine, Sasha Summers, has a new book coming out called Medusa. Which reminded me of a saying my mom use to have, something about “When in Rome do … do … oh yeah, do a Roman.” Until next time, I’ll be listening to Momma. Maybe you should too.

Here’s the Medusa trailor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90fH7xoZiCo

And a blog post by Sasha http://thebookboost.blogspot.com/2012/02/in-love-with-love-with-guest-blogger.html


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I like my lobster like my men – red, hot, and smothered in butter.






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I have an arch nemesis at work. Yes, I have an arch nemesis, no I do not feel lucky.

I dodged a bullet a few days ago. The Demoness stood in front of me flipping through her wedding invitations. A cold chill ran through me, probably the Angel of Death, her buddy, dancing on my grave.

My mind was reeling. I don’t know what you get the Guardian of the Gates of Hell for a wedding present. Can you go with coal and switches? Or should your gift be more traditional, like hellfire and brimstone?

Then she said, “Oh, I forgot I only invited my friends.”

To which I replied, “Wow, guess you only needed one stamp.”

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My nephew, the Pistol is five and in kindergarten. He brings home a folder everyday in which the teacher puts a smiley or frowny face and my sister is required to sign it.

When my sister asked for the folder, the Pistol said, “That folder is filled with lies, written by a liar.”

Of course it was a frowny face and read, the Pistol pulled his pants down and sat on a table.

When questioned further, the Pistol replied, “No, I pulled my pants down, then up and then sat on the table.”

His teacher told my sister not to worry about it. It’ll be better once he’s moved to the gifted program.

What the teacher really meant – “Don’t worry about it. It’ll be better once he’s out of my class.”

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