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I’m not one to complain. Okay I am, but I haven’t blogged lately.

When my sister was over, she left one of those airplane catalogs in my bathroom. She had strategically circled certain items. She claims it wasn’t left on purpose. She forgot it and wants it back.

Too late. Dear Sis, you know the monogrammed roll of toilet paper you didn’t circle? Check it off your list. I have a role of toilet paper and a sharpie right here. Sharpie’s are water proof, so it’s save for guests and children.

For that matter, if anyone would like an artisan roll of toilet paper or paper towels, let me know and I’ll customize a roll for you.

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I was flipping through some old family recipes and came across the old opossum recipe. I should’ve offered to cook Christmas dinner.

It starts with – “the opossum is a particularly fatty animal with a peculiar flavor.” And why do we have a recipe for peculiarly flavored animals?  If it doesn’t taste like chicken, I don’t want to know about it.

“It is dressed much as one would a suckling pig…” The language strikes me as a little formal. You think if we were smart enough to use such language we would have been smart enough to avoid roadkill. Perhaps I think too much. 

“Soak overnight, stuff with opossum stuffing, ….” Opossum stuffing? Hum, recipe not on this page. Now I’m intrigued.  Flipping to stuffings.  Past moose, reindeer, here stuffings right after squirrel.

We have apple stuffing, celery stuffing, chili, mushroom, onion, oyster, raisin, sage, sausage. Ah yes Opossum Stuffing. Contents onion, breadcrumbs, red pepper, hard cooked egg, fat, (I like a woman who can tell it like it is.) and opossum liver,  of course.

As I sit here having a good laugh, it occurs to me.  You guys never made me eat any of this stuff, right? Oh God, that’s going to add to my therapy bill.

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