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When I was in Finland, someone gave me reindeer hoof art. I hung it on the door to confuse Blind Dog. Now she thinks there’s big game in the house.


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It was late my second night in New Orleans. I’d had one drink too many and was weaving my way back to the hotel. When I heard a tirade coming from around the corner.

“You take the back, Bitch,” one voice said.

Followed by another. “You come over here, Bitch. I’ll kick your ass.”

The conversation continued in this manner.

Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and it was two guys fighting. With the number of bitches flying around, I would have sworn it was two girls.

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lind Dog, how do you find the trash can? We need a deaf dog to clean up after you.

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I keep a hard boiled eggs in my refrigerator and have one every morning. To whoever replaced my last hard boiled egg with a frozen one, That wasn’t funny. Replacing someone’s hard boiled egg is only funny if it’s not your egg.

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