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You Win you are Lazier than me

I hope there’s another window in case of an emergency. Just saying.

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kid winter girl

Remember those childhood games we use to all play when a do over would save the day? And you look and you think and you wonder.

You wish you had those do overs in life. You could back it all up and make it all right. And you look and you think and you wonder.

And now that you’re grown You have to play it alone. And you look and you think and you wonder.

Is this the day that will end it all? Is this the day that you finally fall? And you look and you think and you wonder.

Should you be playing at all? Would you be safer not risking the fall? And you look and you think and you wonder.



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Your mama going to beat your ass

Fads fade. I hope this does too.

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late potty trainer

Maybe that should have been you. Just a thought.

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“Did you say something?” asked Mr. Monkey

Yes I did. I said, I have good news and bad news. The good new is a got a job! Which means I’ll soon have money.

The bad news? I got a job. Which means I’ll have much less time. I will be traveling Monday through Thursday.

What does that mean for me? Less time for blogging and writing or generally less of the good stuff.

What does that mean for you? Less words and more pictures, sorry. I’ve been writing four blog posts a week and posting pictures one a week. Now I’m shooting for two to three writing posts and two to three picture posts.

More good news. I’ll have a small budget for help with editing, book cover creation, formatting, and maybe research.

More bad news. I won’t have as much proof reading time for my blogging. Apologies ahead of time.

I leave you now as I’m on the road again.

Take care.

Mucho Love,


My Priorities (in order)


Publishing Meet Me By The Gate

Finishing writing Blood Guardians


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  • Whisper secrets to fairies
  • Fly with angels
  • Pet a unicorn
  • Ride a flying horse
  • Braid a mermaid’s hair
  • Sing with pixies
  • Pet a unicorn

Add your own.

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water baby kid

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