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steam train

I was thinking about books and movies that would have been less interesting with just a twist of the name

  1. Hairy Potties It comes with great imagery too.
  2. Frydaddy the 13th. I’m imagining turkey gone bad.
  3. Lord of the Beans Sample dialogue. Where’s the beans?” “We ate them at second lunch.” Gandolf should never have brought the hungry hobbits.
  4. Hansel and Girtle
  5. Star Whores … Okay maybe that one isn’t less interesting.


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what to do with ex face tatoo

What to do with your ex’s tattoo?

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black fighting

“I want you to sit in on this conference call,” my boss said on my first day. “You don’t need to say anything just listen.”

Famous last words.

“I’m John,” my fellow coworker introduced himself as he dialed the conference number. “It’s just going to be you and me in here.” He continued.

The meeting started pleasant enough and then storm clouds began gathering on the horizon. (Figuratively, not literally.)

“Are you stupid?” a voice on the other end of the phone yelled at John, as he tried to explain the system limitations for the third time.

“The constraints of the hardware won’t allow for …” John said, before he was interrupted yet again.

“I don’t care about the hardware constraints, you idiot. Just make it work. I have no problem coming over there in person. … You are going to do it my way. If you weren’t such a stupid moron …”

After several minutes of this tirade, John quietly closed his computer, got up and walked out, leaving me sitting alone with the still screaming voice on the other end of the phone.

The yelling continued for another five minutes when the voice said, “Do you understand me, John?”

I took the phone off of mute. What should I say?

“Hi. My name’s Deidra. John had to leave a while ago. Something must have come up.”


“It’s my first day, so I can’t really answer any questions. Do you need me to give John any messages?”

More silence.

“Okay, then well I look forward to working with you all. I guess the meeting is adjourned.”

I returned to my desk thinking, I am not in Kansas anymore Toto and the house missed the wicked witch of the west this time.

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why you dont tatoo your boyfriends name

Maybe we’ll think twice before getting another tattoo.

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