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What’s happening here?

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ny foodcart

Bucket List #483 Eat off of Food Cart

I never really thought I would mark number 483 off of my bucket list, but I did and lived to tell the tale. I’ve wanted to try a food cart munchies for a long time. They don’t have this type of thing in my neck of the woods. I saw a cart yesterday morning and decided to live dangerously. It was just breakfast but still baby steps. Who knows what daring thing I might try next.

I haven’t mentioned the plane ride. It was a proper size plane, three seats on each side. I of course was stuck in the middle. It was a newer plane with drop down TVs and an in-flight movie.

I noticed a safety hazard that should be reported to the FAA. We were packed so tight you couldn’t fart. I’m serious this is both a personal health hazard and a safety concern. Imagine … The flight has ended. Everyone jumps up simultaneously and boom fart gas erupts under high pressure. Then the windows blow out.


I’m telling you, it could happen. 

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If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.

My first day in New York City. 

I took to the streets, walking to the office, I immediately noticed New Yorkers don’t adhere to the three foot rule. If you get to within three feet of a person, you smile and greet them. I scared me some New Yorkers.

The Empire State Building was lit in green and blue tonight.

It’s up to you New York, New York.

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Don’t look at me, that cow was an overachiever. 

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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Future, or Past. You tell me?

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