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While Fiona is putting together her next blog, here’s some random stuff.

You know your ancestors were of color if the Ku Klux Klan regularly screwed with them. You know they were Native American if they kicked ass back. You know you’re southern if you’re still talking about it three generations later.

Last night, I reached into the vegetable crisper and pulled out something soft and mushy like half-cooked squash. It was wrapped in plastic or my hand would have been covered with green slime. It was then that I became a fan of petroleum products.

I love the physical act of writing. I love the smell of eraser and the scratch of pencil on paper. I can even write without looking at the paper. I like doing that and pretending I don’t have control, like it’s a Weegie board. People freak out when I start writing a note from their long gone Grandma.


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In the golden times, Cain and Naalan, the fallen angel, lived amongst us. I was yet born, but I have heard the old tales of how we roamed freely, known and feared by the children of Abel and Seth. We were beset with betrayal and disease. We lost many of our kind. Knowledge of our existence was relegated to legend. There are some who say we will rise again to claim our place as rulers over the humans. I am Fiona member of the Eliden tribe of Cain.

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After much (not really) voting, Damon and Madison were tied for third place. Fiona came in first. If she is unable to continue her duties for any reason, PJ, the second runner-up will assume her responsibilities.

For any late comers, Fiona is a child of Cain, yes the original and Naalaan (fallen angel). Her hobbies include hunting humans for sport and dinner. She likes long walks on bloody battle fields and exacting her revenge under the moonlight.

Look for Fiona’s first post later this week. (Holy crap, I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Tell me if it gets so painful you want me to stop.)

Sweet dreams or your worst nightmares, you’re choice.


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I have an issue. I’ve been wanting to have a character as a guest blogger. The choices are below, but we have a tie between Madison, Prairie Jones, and Fiona. I need help breaking the tie.

Madison – Daughter of the Goddess Innana from the Blood Guardian/Feral Series whose been hunting Feral (werewolves) for years.

Prairie Jones (PJ) – Dream walker from the Dream Walker series (duh) who walks into people’s dreams and then uses the information about them.

Fiona – Child of Cain and Naalan (fallen angel) from the children of Cain Series, made immortal in 1400′s. Hunts mortals for food and sport.

Runner up – Ambrose – Guardian from the Blood Guardian/Feral Series whose been immortal for close to 3,000 years fighting werewolves.

No, none of these are available in stores by the way. Though Blood Guardians is almost finished.

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It was early one spring when I found myself on a French highway between Normandy and Paris with my panties strung on a line across the back window of a silver sports car. French truck drivers, not unlike American truck drivers were quick to express their approval of my delicates flapping in the breeze as I zoomed back to Paris.

This would never have happened if I hadn’t decide liquor was more important than panties. You see I worked in Europe three weeks of every month. So naturally, I decided I could forego clothing to create luggage space for more wine and champagne.

This time my brilliance got the best of me. I found myself in the unfortunate position of being in a hotel in rural France without clean panties.

Never fear, I thought, a quick wash in the sink and they’ll be dry and ready for the flight back to the U.S. in the morning.

Unfortunately my delicates were still wet. Not to be outwitted by panties, I grabbed a string from the hotel owner and strung it across the back window of the sports car I had rented. I set off for Paris, my windows down and my line of undies flapping behind me.

Admiring truck drivers honked at me all the way back to Paris. I pulled into the car rental lot to the shocked horror of the Parisian employees. They found me ripping my underwear out of the back window and shoving it into my suitcase just in time to catch my flight. Lesson learned keep better tabs on your panties when traveling.

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