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Scene in which Ambrose a vampire like creature is sitting on a roof while Madison who has slipped is hanging on the edge. He’s asked to help, but she tells him she doesn’t need his help. —-

I clung to the shingles on the roof’s edge. My hands slipped and I lost my hold.

Time paused and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

I fell backwards. Ambrose’s face moved further away. My arms were flailing, my hands reaching for him. The pounding of my heart filled my ears.

The cold night air pushed past me. as my head tipped further back, I could see the inked night above me. The stars. There were so many for being in the city. I could see my hair in front of me. Would this kill me or merely main me?

My heart pounded.  The north star? I found myself searching for it. My heart beat. Funny I was falling and looking for a star.

Time caught up to me and I slammed to a stop.

I felt no pain. Had I hit the pavement so hard I felt nothing? My heart beat, I was alive.

Ambrose’s face hovered above mine.

He smiled. “I guess you needed me after all.”

He’d caught me.

My arms and legs began to flail again. But instead of reaching for him, I was pushing him away.

Arrogant Bastard.


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