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Bad News

I lost a chapter I wrote yesterday. Apparently I had a little computer problem. I’m hoping I have it on paper somewhere. So I haven’t given up yet. However, if I tried to write it electronically instead of hardcopy first, then it is gone forever.

Good News

I managed to fix my plotting issue and am back to writing. I finished two more chapters and believe I’m in the home stretch to finishing my rough draft. Only two days remain.

And I must fit in another murder before the climatic event. I still haven’t decided who to murder first old childhood friend or father’s old friend who was like an uncle to the heroine. Can’t decide which one will have the most impact.

I’m going to get one more chapter in before going to sleep.


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Day 4 also referred to as Thanksgiving Thursday

I’ve escaped the big meal without eating big, so I’m still feeling ready to write. An unfortunate incident caused a stall in yesterday’s plan.

I realized this section of my manuscript becomes episodic, meaning a series of unrelated events. Each scene should lead to the next and this isn’t happening in this part of my plot.

I’ve been able to get about half of the next set of scenes to lead logically from one to the other, but then it just breaks down.

I know my strengths are character and voice with my current weakness being plotting. My plan for this evening – to write until I hit the episodic part and hope ideas come. I’ll let you know how this works out tomorrow.

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Count Down Day 6

I have the following 6 days to dedicate almost 100% to working on my manuscript, a cross between Divinci Code and Under World. A few months ago I was able to finish about 90% of a rough draft.

I recently made changes that affect the entire manuscript. I changed the plot, added characters, including a new villian, removed characters, changed some characters’ nationality, reset some scenes, deleted scene, and added scenes. So I’m trying to complete the rewrites in the next 6 days. I’m about a quarter of the way through.

Today’s Goal:

Write 2 new scenes

Modify/Rewrite 10 scenes

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In honor of Foodpress, I am digressing from my last post to provide some observations on skinny girls. As my sister is one and I am not, I feel qualified to comment.

Skinny girls do lunch, I eat lunch. I don’t go to lunch to be seen, nor to see who can eat the least, nor to collect white styrofoam boxes. I go to lunch to eat and visit with friends, but mostly eat.

A skinny girls’ hair salon has more bleach than a laundry mat.

Skinny girls do not wear low-cut blouses to show off their cleavage. They wear low-cut blouses to show off their collar bones.

The skinny girl mall has no intellectual pursuits. No bookstores, magazine stands, electronics stores, not even cell phone stores.

I have discovered swallowing gum is not a cheap form of bariatric surgery. It doesn’t stay in your stomach forever or I’d be skinny too.

Skinny girl drool, the rest of us rule.

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I keep hearing the next big thing is going to be zombies. So I thought what the heck why not give it a shot? Perhaps I don’t have a talent for zombie drama, but here’s my attempt.

Babs lay face down on the pavement. Her warm blood flowing away from her like a river, carrying her life with it. She was helpless to do anything but watch. With a last shuttering gasp blackness enveloped her…

“Hey lady, you ok?”

The smell of vomit and cheap liquor stung her nose. Babs gagged. Perhaps she had cheated death afterall. She pulled herself up. The ugly gapping wound was still there, but there was no blood. Her heart wasn’t beating. She wasn’t breathing.

“Oh geeze, not undead,” Babs said. “Anything but zombie. This is going to put a damper on my sex life. And the whole flesh eating thing. I’m a vegetarian for gosh sakes. This isn’t going to work for me,” she yelled to no one in particular.

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I just had 24 hours worth of creativity sucked out of me through my nose. The jokes my parents and grandparents told were true. I spent two and a half hours at the DMV getting my driver’s license renewed.

I think this process is designed to make you feel old, because by the time I got to the front of the line I was telling stories about the good old days before computers, internet, and cell phones back during the Iran contra affair and the Berlin wall. I feel I’m too old to stand in a line that long. I have less than half my life left and the last two and a half hours just ticked away at the DMV.

It was taking half an hour to process each person. That’s people with the correct paperwork, identification, and money ready to go.  What were they doing up there? Definitely collecting too much information.

I was almost at the front of the line when they were unable to scan the ladies thumbs in front of me. They could only scan one. What’s the big deal? What would happen if you were missing a thumb? It could happen. When did thumb scanning become mandatory? I’ve had MRIs that did were faster.

Here’s the logical next step, the DMV should start selling Starbucks coffee, tea and sandwiches. The money they collect should be used to pay off our debt to China. If they added those little airline size bottles of booze, we’d be out of debt in no time.  Because everyone there needed a good stiff drink.

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