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If you remember from my last post, one of my colleagues keeps talking about a stalker who is  always cruising the airport when she arrives in Sioux Falls. We both get here late in the evening. She arrives on Sunday night and me on Monday. The flights are always late so she can arrive any time between 10:30 and 2:30. So how does this guy know when she’s arriving?
To recap, when she gets to the parking lot, a guy in a white and green van is waiting. He pulls up and asks if she wants a ride.  I decided to take care of the situation, so we arranged to arrive together on Monday night.
We arrived at 11:00 pm. We went outside. The wind was blowing a million miles an hour and it was freezing. But what should I expect it is South Dakota. I was trying to stop the wind from working its way down my coat collar when my colleague, Cutie said, “Here he comes.”
I turned, she was right a van was slowing beside us. It was indeed white and green. The guy inside lowered the passenger side window. “You want a ride?” He asked.
“Are you talking about this van?” I asked, Cutie.
“The one that says Holiday Inn? The one the hotel sends to pick us up?”

Mystery solved. Though cutie is still convinced the driver has a thing for her.


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One of my colleagues keeps swearing a guy is stalking her. We both travel to Sioux Falls, but we arrive at different times. She gets in late Sunday evening and I arrive late Monday night. She says this guy’s always at the airport in a green and white van. He always slows down and asks her if she wants a ride. She always says no and catches a cab.

Tonight we’re arriving at about the same time. I’ll put an end to this tonight. To be continued…

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My lifeline to the internet broke. So I’ve been off the rails for a bit until I could get a replacement.
So I’ll be catching you up on the latest in traveling news.

See you  Tuesday.

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