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Damn Gecko.




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What’s her story?

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Why I oughta…

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Another recipe from the family vault. I’m amazed to find someone write this recipe down, but it’s your gain or loss, whatever.

Think oysters on the half shell but without the oyster. Okay, this may be a little too gourmet for some of you, so bear with me.

To start, you’re going to need cooked rice. Combine the rice with water, Worcestershire, vinegar, sugar, ketchup 

(You know it’s high class when ketchup’s in the ingredients.)

and butter. 

(Because we all know bologna doesn’t contain the fat content we’re looking for.)

Heat all that crap up. (I should write a cookbook with descriptions like that.)

In the meantime heat up fat, yes I said it, FAT in a skillet. (I like it when they just call a spade a spade.)

Brown the bologna. Now you’re getting it. Bologna cups, half shells. 

Fill the bologna cup with rice, top with cheese, and broil.

There you have it. What I like to call – Country Folk Half Shells.

God, I thought fancy bologna was greatness when I was a kid.

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Look see, this is our beach. Don’t make me get the other bouncers. Cause Walrus baby, we will take you on.

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What do you think happened? And no, you can’t say global warming.

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Except for the occasional pollution.

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What’s Up Here?

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