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What does this picture have to do with my post?

 Nothing, but it’s my blog and I can post it if I want to.

I need to write something funny, but I’m not feeling inspired. I think maybe my blood sugar is too even since I eat mostly vegetables now. I’m missing the sugar highs, I think I was much funnier then. Or maybe I’m missing alcohol, the drinking kind not the rubbing kind.

Someone told me that I could get more traffic on my blog if I wrote about trending topics, but I don’t know how I can fit World War III, polar bears, Earth and border patrol all into the same post. The Earth will be engulfed in World War III if the polar bears aren’t stopped by the border patrol. That was totally spontaneous.


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I have low blood sugar

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i had a little to drink but this didnt help

but this didn’t help.

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Did I tatoo him when I was drunk


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Last night I made myself lie down and close my eyes.

These last few weeks I haven’t thought about sleep until the sun is coming up. I don’t want to stop to think, not even for sleep. Keep your mind busy.

Play another game.

Watch another show.

What’s on YouTube?

Read the news.

Who’s killing who?

Has Greece sunk beneath the sea of it’s debt yet.

Wait for exhaustion.

When the light starts to peek through the trees. I know I won’t have to think when I finally stop to sleep.

Instead, tonight I lay in the dark, my jaw stiff. Listening to my teeth grinding. I dreamed of a debate about an illness sweeping the world. We had the cure. It could be sprayed in the air and we would all be saved. But there was an insane deliberation about harming the environment. We could save everyone but did nothing instead.

I feel better today. I’ll exercise and shower. I’m going to get back to good someday soon. I hope I can find the right road.

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Due to ice and not the “cooling my Margarita” kind of ice, I’m trapped in Dallas when I should be in New York City.

The heat in my house is less than adequate. If I had little children, they would be wearing their cute little imaginary snow suits. As it is the kittens, who are HUGE (Maine coons cats) kept wheedling their way under my blankets to warm their paws on any expose skin they can find. Little darlings (again, sarcasm).

I was rotting my brain watching YouTube when I came across a video of men getting a-steams. Which is the steaming of the nether regions. You know, the one that starts with a…

You sit relaxing over a chair hole while hot tea boils beneath you. I was thinking holy mackerel, my Finnish friends with the love of saunas have started their own spa chain.

I haven’t had a manicure, pedicure or even a facial. So it may surprise you when I say, I have had my a.. steamed. Usually it’s in the middle of August and you’re praying the temperature will get down to 100 F (38 C), but you know it won’t until September. Then as sure as butter will fry your bacon, I inevitably say, “My butt is sweating.”

And you telling me people really pay for this. I’m starting a spa. Come on down to Texas and we can steam you. Just shove this green tea bag up your. Well, you know where. That’ll be five dollars please.

P.S. Next time I want to tell someone off, I’ll say, “Shove it in your chair hole and sit on it.”

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