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I invited myself over to my sister’s house. I still don’t have heat, so I was seeking some warmth.

The Pistol has a brother in high school, who is himself a bit of a pistol. We were watching TV when an erectile dysfunction commercial came on.

Older Brother asked, “Pistol, do you know what erectile dysfunction is?”

Pistol’s Mom, “Stop it.”

Pistol replied, “Yeah.”

Pistol’s Mom was rendered speechless and full of dread.

Pistol continued, “It’s when your reptile has a big problem.”

Older Brother, “Well, not quite.”

Mom regained consciousness, “SHUT UP!”

And so the Pistol missed a bit of knowledge from his older brother.

Of course I just laughed hysterically through the whole thing, chanting tell him, tell him. I was escorted off of the premises again.


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