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A few years ago, we got a new coffee flavor at the office, Chocolate Doughnut. If there was ever a coffee for me, that’s got to be the one. So of course, I tried it. Chocolate Doughnut awesome greatness, right? No, I couldn’t find the chocolate doughnut because of all the coffee.

However, that gave me a super idea. The office also had a candy dish. I grabbed three Three Musketeers, dropped them into the Chocolate Doughnut coffee, and stirred until dissolved. It didn’t help. Coffee is obviously a demon’s brew, because it totally overwhelmed the chocolate. And, we all know chocolate is a gift from heaven.

Since I had wasted three chocolates, I felt obliged to drink it anyway.  I was sick as a dog. Obviously, coffee is poison, because we all know chocolate could never make me sick.


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What could I possibly write about everyday? There’s only so much of the Pistol anyone can take. Someone said she created her photo album pages using everyday cues, For instance, she looked at her coffee and create pages involving coffee.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write about coffee. I don’t drink coffee.

But my Mom did. She was an artist and drank 15 to 20 cups a day while she was painting. One day, I noticed she rinsed her paintbrushes in her coffee instead of the water.

“Deedeeann,” she called, (That’s me.) “make me coffee, please.”

On my way to the kitchen it struck me. Did she like the taste of the cream or the color of the coffee? So began my experiments.

First, I tried flour. Did she notice any difference? No.

Baking soda? No.

Baking powder? No.

Ice cream? Well maybe, she asked me to make another cup. Not really my goal.

If I wanted to get out of being the sole coffeemaker, I would have to take drastic action. Mayonnaise.

I was out of the rotation for several months until she forgot and then the experiments started anew.

I don’t know where the Pistol gets it.


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