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A few years ago, we got a new coffee flavor at the office, Chocolate Doughnut. If there was ever a coffee for me, that’s got to be the one. So of course, I tried it. Chocolate Doughnut awesome greatness, right? No, I couldn’t find the chocolate doughnut because of all the coffee.

However, that gave me a super idea. The office also had a candy dish. I grabbed three Three Musketeers, dropped them into the Chocolate Doughnut coffee, and stirred until dissolved. It didn’t help. Coffee is obviously a demon’s brew, because it totally overwhelmed the chocolate. And, we all know chocolate is a gift from heaven.

Since I had wasted three chocolates, I felt obliged to drink it anyway.  I was sick as a dog. Obviously, coffee is poison, because we all know chocolate could never make me sick.


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