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I was reading a couple of blogs this afternoon when I came across one that mentioned Writer Sponsorships. Really? Is there such a thing?

I’ve sponsored several of my friends and their children to dance, walk, march (band), play, run, whatever. Paying an amount per hour, mile or whatever. For things such as loving trees, hugging trees, planting trees, saving trees, and well whatever.

However, I never thought of a sign up sheet for sponsoring my writing, some sum of money for amount of words or pages written during a certain period of time. That’s brilliant. For example someone, probably a great aunt who pities me, might offer twenty-five cents for every 100 or 500 or 1,000 words or pages in a 14 day period.

Interesting idea, how fast would I write if I were actually getting paid? Could I or would I finish a rough draft in 14 days?

Okay, I’m convinced. I’ve made up my sponsor sheet and I’m sitting right here with my favorite pencil, poised ready to sign you up.

Sitting here, not writing, just waiting for you or anyone… It’s very quiet. … Very, very. …


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