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To start with, 80% of the time the kittens are adorable and cuddly. I’m going to report on the other 20% of the time.

I got up this morning to find that last two rolls of toilet paper properly gnawed and clawed. The dynamic duo found the toilet paper stash in the pantry and gave the dog a snack or two while they were at it.

You can’t imagine how much effort it takes to piece together enough ripped toilet paper to make a usable portion. Life goes on.

I was preparing breakfast this morning as the two kittens, Sam and Frodo watched the process. Strawberries, spinach, carrots, banana … I opened a lower cabinet drawer.

One kitten watched me wash carrots, I could have sworn there were two. The remaining kitten, Sam lost interest too and wandered to the forest of potted plants. I finished my smoothie and returned to my office.

At lunch, I was making a little something when I heard a little meow, muffled and far away. No kittens in sight. I opened all of the cabinet drawers, no kitten. My mistake went back to what I was doing.

Opening the refrigerator door, I heard another meow. Again, I opened the drawer, calling kitty, kitty, no sound. Continued making lunch.

The meowing began in earnest. I opened drawer after drawer, followed by cabinet doors until Frodo finally stepped out. Okay, so they’re still cute most of the time.

P.S. I bought Sam and Frodo a mird (mouse with feathers, mouse bird) toy today. It squeals and it’s eyes light up. The boys are mad for it.

P.P.S I’m bringing the lively fellows with me to visit my family at Christmas. Their owner is in Europe and they obviously can’t be left alone.


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