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Before getting into my post, I want to ask your advice. A friend recently suggested that I might be able to make something more of this. I want to know how you guys feel about my writing longer pieces and selling them in e-reader formats. I don’t want to offend anyone and I’m not sure there’s even any interest. If you could give me your thoughts, I would appreciate it.

On to the post –

Over the holidays I was sitting at a table with my great-aunts. They’re in their 80s and 90s, sometimes we seem to come from different worlds. We went around the table telling the lastest and greatest in our lives.

Of course I wasn’t paying attention to who got married, pregnant, or had a baby. I was busy whispering to my cousin about a guy I dated a couple of years back who was blind. I had just finished saying, he could read me like a book of brail. When she snort laughed, bringing all eyes our way.

One of our Aunties said in her soft southern drawl, “What are you girls laughing about?”

I never know when to keep my mouth shut, so I blurted out, “All my men.”

My Aunt responded, “Honey, you know you can lie to your Aunt Rose?”

As the conversation continued, it came around to me. No marriages, no births, and no pregnancies.

So I said, “I bought a house.”

Stunned they all looked at me for a moment.

Aunt Rose finally said, “A single woman ownin’ property, well I never.”

Aunt Peggy gasped. “There’s nothing wrong with it I suppose.”

“I could’ve owned property before I was married.” Aunt Bessy to the rescue. “I had a job answering phones for Dr. Turner. David told me I should buy a couple acres in Duncanville. But what would I have done with it? There was nothing but trees on it.”

“My, my. I’ve never thought of such a thing. What’re you going to do with it?” Aunt Peggy asked, fanning herself like she was overcome with the idea.

“I think I’m living in it,” was my answer.

Later they were talking about cooking lobsters and of course I said, “I like my food to scream, like my men.”

They’re the ones from another world, right? Not me.


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