I found a little book by one Blanche Ebbutt schooling men marriage. Woman had a different way of handling men in the old days. 

What follows are some of the entries I enjoyed along with my thoughts.

“Don’t sit down to breakfast in your shirt-sleeves in hot weather on the ground that “only your wife” is present. She is a woman like any other woman. The courtesies you give to womankind are her due, and she will appreciate them.” What, he has to put on a shirt?  Well at least it didn’t say I had to get dressed before breakfast.

“Don’t stoop, even if your work is desk work. Your wife wants to see a broad chested man.” Sing it, Sister. I loves me a broad chested man.

“Don’t sharpen pencils all over the house as you walk about. Try a wastebasket. It does not improve the carpets or the servants’ temper to find scraps of pencil-sharpenings all over the floors.” Wow, slow the horses down, Missy. What are these servants (plural) that you speak of? My married friends have been holding out on me.

I must sign out now as I’m going to find the gaggle of servants that apparently follow husbands around.


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Sorry no snappy repartee, Just pretty…

Once upon a time, I was married. Thinking of how many interesting stories could start with just those few words, but alas there isn’t time.

It was the Wednesday before my Saturday wedding. All should have been fine, except it wasn’t.

I had a raging head cold. You know the kind, head stuffed, ear stuffed, chest stuffed. It was one of those colds that you can tell isn’t going to clear by in a few days. I had been sitting in bed with tissue on one side and NyQuil on the other to no avail.

So I had scheduled an appointment with my doctor of ten years.

Water …Water…

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Damn Gecko.



I can’t imagine why a Reindeer Pot Roast recipe is included in my family archives . Was Santa on someone s**t list? Was one of my ancestors going to show Mr. Claus what when you leave a stocking full of oranges instead of candy? I can;t tell you for sure.

But I can give you a jist of the recipe.

Wipe down the roast with LARD, preferably salted pork lard. (You can tell the age of a recipe by the term used to reference fat. This one’s old.)

Roll roast in flour, salt, and pepper.

Fry the roast in more salted pork LARD (1/2 pound) in a “kettle”. (Yeah, this is an old recipe.)

Brown flour in “Kettle”. (Okay, she was confused about kettles, but hey, she could write, so get over it.)

Place roast on rack in bottom of kettle. (Because hey don’t forget the LARD is still in there. Add water, seasonings (not getting too fancy because the only seasoning is one bay leaf) , cover and simmer.

Add carrots, onions, potatoes and turnips. (Haven’t heard that one in a recipe in a long time.)

If you don’t have enough meat for everyone make dumplings.

And so my Foodie Friends, add that one to your cookbook!

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What’s her story?

robin williams

My all time favorite comedian. He could make it clean and hysterical.


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